Dual Flow PCV Valve
No. DF-17

DF-17 Technical Dimensions

With Optional Inline Adaptor
No. DF-17-INL


With Optional Valley Pan to 3/4″ Adaptor
No. DF-17-VP1


With Optional Valley Pan to 3/8″ Adaptor
No. DF-17-VP2


Designed, machined, hand assembled and 100% flow tested in USA.
Main body:  CNC Machined from USA made 6061-T6 billet aluminum
PCV hose inlet:  Machined from billet as part of main body (not a press fit tube)
All fasteners:  Stainless steel
Internal check balls:  Precision ground stainless steel
All O-rings:  Viton, rated to 400° F
Idle / cruise circuit actuation spring:  Stainless steel
Spring guide bushing:  High temperature Oilite, rated to 400° F