DF-17-RBK Dual Flow PCV Rebuild Kit – $14.99

M/E Wagner offers a full rebuild kit for our DF-17 Dual Flow PCV Valve.  See our videos page for a how-to rebuild video.

Rebuild Kit Includes:
(1) Main body sealing o-ring
(2) Adjuster screw o-rings
(1) Cruise circuit adjuster screw
(2) Fasteners for main body
(1) Cross passage plug
(1) High vacuum cruise circuit adjustment spring
(1) Low vacuum cruise circuit adjustment spring
(1) Idle circuit check ball
(1) Cruise circuit check ball
(1) Oilite spring guide bushing
(1) 3/32″ Allen wrench
(1) 1/8″ Allen wrench

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*Note: The rebuild kit does not include an idle circuit adjustment screw, it is matched to your valve during flow testing. If you have lost or damaged your idle adjustment screw please contact support@mewagner.com.

To order by phone, call 570-899-4544 from 10AM – 5PM EST Mon-Fri.